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It is my mission to help entrepreneurs LEAD an AUTHENTIC, FLOWING and PROSPEROUS life and business. 

Because I believe we all deserve to live the life that was meant for us, struggle free, adapted to our needs and in full abundance

That is our birth right!

My Story in short

Ever since I was born, I was taught to do what was necessary, appropriate or acceptable.

I mastered it, to a point where I had loads of money and no fulfillment, no joy in life, where I even no longer knew what it was I wanted the most. Knowing there was something else in life I was here for...

Since then I went on a journey, figuring out my identity, who I am, what my mission is and how to put that in the world. With a most rewarding, flowing, authentic and prosperous (in all senses) life as a result.

I help people that feel there is more in life than what they do in their business today. That there is more to give, a bigger role for them to help this world in the right direction. That are ready to take the leap to their zone of genius and finally get what they are entitled to.

To give them a clear insight in who they are, what their mission and align their business and life to their authentic, true self. 

Some facts

My Core Values

  1. Personal development
  2. Drive
  3. Autonomy
  4. Flexibility
  5. Personal space (respect for)

Some facts 

  • Started doing administration for my parents at the age of 8
  • Both my parents fell seriously ill right about that time
  • Created my first book at 11, just for fun
  • Apart from doing the household, tending to our parents, there was the business that we had to help keep running (and school work every once in a while, so greatful for all the teachers that understood the pressure and helped out where they could)
  • First burn-out at the age of 14 (full physical burn-out)
  • Had to abandon my university studies after my mom passed away at 20
  • Got my first job only 4 days later, at a company that believed in my skills, even without college or university degrees
  • Got married, burried my father and got asked for a divorce in 6 months time at the age of 26
  • Switched carreers to international IT consultant only 1 year after the death of my father
  • Became a freelance (IT) consultant at the age of 31, right after the birth of my son (bless him)
  • Decided I loved people better than IT right after giving birth to my daughter (bless her)
  • Built up a real estate portfolio of over 1,5 million euros in 6 months time
  • Fell ill with burn-out number 5 at the age of 36, and realised my life could no longer go on like this
  • Started doing career coaching
  • Figured out that was not what I would do for the rest of my life
  • Sold the complete real estate portfolio
  • Burn-out number 6 made it very clear: despite all the changes I was still not persuing the right direction. Time to come clean and really get down to business and make my life Caroline proof
  • Found my mission, learned how to listen to my intuition and find out what works for me (at last!!!)
  • Helping my clients to finally find their mission and how to incorporate that into their life and business. 
  • I am the luckiest person in the whole world!

Want to know what steps you could do even today to get that to fulfillment, flow and align your business to your authentic self?

LEFF met Caroline