The Ultimate Time Creation Toolset

Discover How to reclaim your time!

Get the tools that allowed me to reduce my workweek from 70 to 10 hours without compromising on quality and revenue in the business.

Reclaim your time with the Ultimate Time Creation Toolset as of today!


What They Say about the Toolset

“The self-prioritising to-do list helped decluttering my head instantly, giving me the feeling of being back in control.”

Jane Foucher

“I don't believe in weekplanners, but this one was so simple and easy to use that it has become an indispensible part of my planning process.”

Dieter Arnouts


Which tools are included?

The 6 Step Strategy To Reclaim Time

Print out the frame-work to reduce your workweek as explained in the blog so you have the steps always close at hand.

The 3 Best Priority Tools

Never ever wonder again which task you should do first with the 3 best, efficient, easy to use priority tools.

Super Focus Week Planner

Once you know what to do when, make sure to plan your week and keep that focus going with this handy week planner print-out.

The Ultimate Self-Prioritizing To-Do List

Stop wasting time in calculing priorities yourself! This tool will suggest a priority as well as a proposed action.

About the Author

Caroline Claeys

When presented with the urgency to reduce her work hours, she was determined to succeed. For the sake of her health, family and business. 

She now helps other entrepreneurs to claim their time, freedom and fulfilment in their business.

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The Ultimate Time Creation Toolset