What is prosperity, money and wealth about?

How is it I remember the period in my childhood when we were so poor, we could hardly buy food, as the most wonderful time? The memories of “richer” periods are rather cold: I often felt hollow and was alone in the world, even though we could afford about anything.

It lacked balance, as I was swaying from one side to the other, going further and further away from the balanced centre. It was not until I understood the link between prosperity, money and wealth it all became clear to me on how to have it all at the same time: fulfilment and wealth.



Money is a well-known concept. It is basically the thing we use to trade services and products in an easy way. Metallic objects used as money were identified as dating back to 5.000 BC. You could say mankind is well accustomed to the concept. And yet even today it evokes huge polemics across the globe, indicating we are still struggling to give it its place in society.

What is prosperity, money and wealth about?

When it comes to money, most people suffer from judgement and morals. People who have a lot of money, are automatically deemed arrogant, airheaded and guilty of having it or stealing it from someone else. In case of the less fortunate, it is always their own fault as they do not know how to handle it, are not worthy of spending it the way they see fit and are automatically either dumb or lazy.

Money on its own is a very neutral thing. Like trees, rocks and water. Yet growing up we learn that it is something tainted, you are supposed to feel guilty or ashamed for having or lacking it. It is time we let go of these morals and stigmas. If your relationship with money is tainted, you will have a hard time realizing your life’s purpose as well as prosperity.

As a person who has been very poor as well as very rich several times in my life, I can tell you this: money does not change you at the core. It does not change your identity, your authentic personality. It only changes perception.


The definition of wealth generally has 3 components:

  • An abundance of valuable possessions or money
  • A plentiful supply of a particular desirable thing
  • Well-being
What is money, wealth and prosperity about?

Most people consider well-being as a direct result of being wealthy, as money is affluent and therefore most options are open. Luckily, more and more people are opening up to the idea that things like time and meaningful connection also fall under the “valuable possessions”. This indicated to me that I was on the right track: there is more to wealth than simply having a lot of money.

Most people consider wealthy people as lucky bastards. They have everything they need, have no worries whatsoever can afford to have everything resolved, … I too looked that way at rich(er) people in my poor(er) days. Only to figure out, as soon as I got on the wealthy side of society, that it was not all sunshine and roses.

Yes, money was less an issue. But there often was this emptiness inside of me. It felt like my life lacked something very important, as if I was missing out on the point of life. That money was more a means than a goal. Leading to not having a lot of well-being. Because even all the money in the world could not buy me a fulfilled feeling, a feeling of belonging, a feeling you matter to the world (more than in the role of the big spender), a feeling of contributing from the inside out (rather than “buying” those feelings).

After spending years on making more money, so I could get rid of all the (money) issues in my life, I was finally in a position where the sky was the limit. Yet I still had that feeling of not having reached the point my life was supposed to head to. The missing link being prosperity.

Down to earth prosperity

I always linked the word “prosperity” with spirituality rather than the earthy reality we all live in. It seemed a distant goal for when I finally got around to the higher topics in life, after resolving everything else. That was in the days I considered money was not spiritual at all.

I discovered that spirituality and my down to earth attitude are not mutually exclusive. In fact, it was that division I made in my head that encouraged the pendulum to sway to hard from the poor to the rich side all my life.

After consulting a number of definitions on Wikipedia, Wordnik, Mnemonicdictionary.com  and yourdictionary.com, I found the following elements to be present in the definitions:

  • Being well off, rich, in fortunate circumstances financially, moderately rich
  • Having success / flourishing – very lively and profitable – making good progress in the pursuit of anything desirable, having continued good fortune
  • Favourable - presaging or likely to bring good luck – benignant, propitious
  • Marked by peace and prosperity

Curious about the etymology of this intriguing word, checking out Etymonline.com and Wikipedia offered me another important dimension to it: expectations and hope.

Etymology of "prosperity"

Prosperity is more than money and wealth

Prosperity is indeed much more than just the accumulation of money and wealth in several areas, as the classic definitions could imply. The added dimension found in the etymology shows for me where mindset and spirituality in a down to earth form find their place: according to expectation, according to one’s hope. It inspired me to create a new more comprehensive definition on prosperity:


  • In a state of well-being, in fortunate circumstances in several areas of life
  • Having success / flourishing in pursuit of anything desirable
  • According to your hopes, expectations, mindset and attitude
  • Being in a state of fulfillment, peace and inner richness
Definition of prosperity

The key to more in life

We never ever in history had so much money, spare time, technology, options, … And yet we have never been this unhappy in history too. The key to have more of anything you want in your life, is rather simple. It is to implement prosperity in your pursuit of your life’s purpose.

What is money, wealth and prosperity about?

The key lies in the third element of the definition: according to your hopes, expectations, mindset and attitude. Money is not the goal. Fulfilling your life’s purpose / mission / goal – however you want to call it – is. We all have it, that mission. Just a matter of getting it crystal clear and putting it in practice, every single moment of the day.

Yet, the way you approach life and situations, depends hugely on your hopes, expectations, mindset and attitude. If you are constantly focussing on a lack of money, time, …, that is exactly what you will get. Everything you pay attention to, grows. So consider for a moment focussing on getting even more nfulfilment in your life, being happy with what you already have, and expanding your focus to more than just time and money…

Since focussing on my prosperity in life, I have been able to have everything: money, wealth and fulfilment. What could you want more?

Where are you on the money, wealth and prosperity scale?

Do feel free to reach out whenever ready to get that fulfilment in your business and life. Because you deserve prosperity in all areas of your life!